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July 2024 Updates

New features and noteworthy changes for July 2024.

In the first half of 2024, we have been busy implementing new features into Monibot. Here's a quick rundown.

Website retry checks

When a website seems to be down, we check it again immediately. Only if subsequent checks are also failing, we notify you. Basically, we ignore short hiccups, so if you get a "site down" notification from Monibot, you can be sure the site has been down for at least one minute.

Machine Sample Timeout

When we do not receive machine samples for a certain duration, we create a "sample timeout" notification. You can enable or disable this functionality for all of your monitored server machines. If you enable the timeout feature, you can specify the timeout value.

Histogram Metrics

In addition to counter and gauge metrics, we have implemented histogram metrics. These are useful if you want to monitor the distribution of quantitative data, like, for example, database transaction latencies, or HTTP request latencies. You can use our Golang SDK, our moni command line tool or any HTTP library of your choice to send these values to Monibot. We will record these values, monitor them, and present the minimum and maximum and in-between percentile values in chart diagrams.

Metric Limits

Monibot is collecting metric values from your applications, stores them and presents them in nice charts. In addition to that, you can now configure lower and upper bounds for all of your counter, gauge and histogram metrics. If a metric is out of bounds for a certain period of time, which you can also configure, Monibot will notify you. With limits, it is now possible to be notified if, for example, database transactions take too long, or the number of HTTP requests per day fall below a certain lower bound.

If you are missing a feature that's important to you, don't hesitate to tell us. We're always happy to hear from you and are open to your suggestions.

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