Easy Server and Application Monitoring

Monibot monitors your servers, applications and websites and notifies you if something goes wrong.

CPU/Mem/Disk Usage, Disk/Network IO Activity, Database Size, DB Transaction Latency, Website Uptime, HTTP Response Latency, SSL/TLS Certificates, Cronjob Heartbeats, Number of HTTP Requests, HTTP Error Rates, and many more.

Server Monitoring

Monitor all important performance characteristics for your servers. Our lightweight, zero-dependency agent installs in no time and sends CPU, memory, disk and network usage to Monibot. Monibot stores and aggregates these numbers, presents you nice charts, and notifies you if metrics go out of bounds. With Monibot, you are in full control and can act before your servers run out of CPU, memory or disk.
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Server Resource Monitoring

Application Metrics Monitoring

Application Monitoring

Monibot provides an easy-to-use REST API to send your application metrics to. You can use curl or the HTTP library of your choice to access the API. Easily observe database performance, HTTP requests, failed login attempts and many more, and get notified if any metrics go beyond limit.
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Website Monitoring

Monibot issues HTTP requests against your websites every five minutes. If a website does not answer within time, or its SSL certificate will expire soon, Monibot will notify you. Additionally, Monibot stores all response times, so you can check if your websites become slower or faster over time.
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Website Uptime Monitoring

Heartbeat Monitoring

Heartbeat Monitoring

Your servers and apps send heartbeats to Monibot in regular intervals. If Monibot does not receive a heartbeat within time, your servers or apps might be down and Monibot notifies you. No matter if it's a cron job, a systemd timer or a windows scheduled task, Monibot will keep watching.
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More insights than Cronitor & UptimeRobot.

Much easier than New Relic & Datadog.



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