Heartbeat Monitoring

→ What is a Heartbeat?
A Heartbeat is a periodic ping (a short data packet) from your server to Monibot. Your server can send a heartbeat whenever a cron-scheduled task has run successfully, for example a hourly database backup, or a nightly report generation. Sometimes, cronjob and other background tasks fail. There are many reasons for a background job to fail:
  • Network errors
  • Server is out of memory
  • Database is deadlocked and not readable any more
  • Some required data is missing
  • and many more

→ What does Monibot do when heartbeats stop?

When a heartbeat stops coming in, Monibot will notify you instantly, for example via email, so that you can fix things before anybody knows something is broken.

→ How do I setup a heartbeat with Monibot?
Here are the steps required:
  • Login to Monibot, and enter the 'Watchdogs' section
  • Click the 'New Watchdog' Button
  • Enter a human-friendly name of your heartbeat, and the heartbeat interval.

That's it. From now on, Monibot will listen to heartbeats from your server. If the heartbeat stops beating, Monibot will notify you.

→ How do I send heartbeats from my server?
There are a number of possibilities to send heartbeats to Monibot:

See our Docs for more inforamtion.

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