Website Monitoring

→ What is a Website?
A Website is a collection of resources (e.g. HTML files, images, js/css files, dynamic content), hosted in the 'cloud' and served by a web server. Visitors of your website use a web browser to view all of these resources, as you do now, viewing this page. Each website has a unique HTTP address like '' or ''. Sometimes, websites are unreachable (or 'down', as we say). There are many reasons for a website being down:
  • Network errors
  • Wrong server setup
  • Software failures
  • Hacking attacks
  • Denial-of-Service attacks
  • and many more

→ What happens if my website is down?

That depends on your website. You may lose customers, miss business opportunities, or just dissapoint potential visitors of your website. If you are a developer and are in charge of keeping the website up and running, you might get unpleasant phone calls from your boss or client.

→ How can I know if my website is up or down?

You can launch your web browser, enter the URL of your website, and see if it's up. It's a very manual task. And you have to do it every 5 minutes (or so), 24x7, day and night.

→ How does Monibot keep my website up and running?

It doesn't. If your website goes down, Monibot can do nothing against it.

→ What does Monibot do, then?

Monibot tries to reach your website in short intervals (e.g. every 5 minutes), 24x7, day and night. If the website is down, Monibot will notify you instantly, for example via email, so that you can fix things before your customers/boss/client knows something is broken.
Moreover, Monibot records the response latency (the time it takes for your website to produce a response) for each trial, stores it in its database, and presents a nice chart. So you can check if your website becomes slower over time.

→ How do I monitor a website with Monibot?
Here are the steps required:
  • Login to Monibot, and enter the 'Websites' section
  • Click the 'New Website' Button
  • Enter a human-friendly name of your website, and the HTTP(S) URL.
That's it. From now on, Monibot will check your website's availability every 5 minutes. If the website goes down, Monibot will notify you.

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