SSL Certificate Monitoring

→ What is a Certificate?

A Certificate is a digital document that can be used to prove that a website like '' is indeed the Google Search Engine, and not a cheater who just masquerades as being Google. You know a website has a certificate if it starts with 'https', the 's' stands for 'secure'. All certificates have an expiration date, and must be renewed from time to time (some quaterly, some yearly, etc.)

→ What happens if my certificate is expired?

If a certificates is expired, the website cannot be reached any more, because most web browsers will refuse to connect to sites with expired certificates.

→ How can I know if my certificate is still valid?

You can launch your web browser, visit your website, download the associated certificate, and inspect it. And you have to do it every day.

→ What does Monibot do?

Monibot downloads and inspects your certificate once per hour, and inspect the certificate's expiration date. If your certificate will expire soon (for example in less than 7 days), Monibot will notify you instantly, so that you have enough time to renew the certificate.

→ How do I monitor a certificate with Monibot?
Here are the steps required:
  • Login to Monibot, and enter the 'Certificates' section
  • Click the 'New Certificate' Button
  • Enter a human-friendly name of your certificate (for display), your certificate's address, and the number of days you want to be notified before expiration.
That's it. From now on, Monibot will check your certificate's validity every hour. If the certificate is about to expire soon, Monibot will notify you.

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