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Get started with server monitoring

Monibot collects, aggregates and monitors your server's resource usage and performance indicators.

  • CPU usage %.
  • Memory usage %.
  • Disk usage %.
  • System load, also called 'loadavg' in Linux.
  • Disk activity: Read/write per hour/day.
  • Network activity: Send/receive per hour/day.
  • Clock deviation: The difference between your server's clock and Monibot's clock.

Here are the steps required to monitor your server.

Create a machine entry in Monibot

  • Log into your Monibot account. If you don't have one, register now, it's free.
  • In the main menu, click on the 'Machines' link. Here you'll see a 'New Machine' button.
  • Click the 'New Machine' button. Enter a name for the machine. You can chose any name here, it's used only for display.
  • Click 'Save'. Your machine is ready and waits for data from your server.

Each machine has a unique ID, which Monibot shows on the screen. You will need that ID later.

Install the moni command line tool

The moni tool is a small and easy-to-setup linux tool that collects usage metrics and sends them to Monibot. If you didn't already install it on your machine, do so now. Follow the steps described here: The moni command line tool.

Get your API Key

  • Before uploading data to Monibot, you need your API Key.
  • In your Monibot account, click your email address in the upper left corner of the screen and click on 'Profile'.
  • Click 'Show API Key'.

Send machine samples to Monibot

To send machine samples to Monibot, invoke moni like so:

user@host:~$ ./moni -apiKey $MONIBOT_API_KEY sample $MACHINE_ID 5m
  • MONIBOT_API_KEY is the API Key from your account profile.
  • MACHINE_ID is the ID of the machine you have created above.
  • The interval 5m tells moni to send a machine usage sample every five minutes.

This command does the following: It consults various Linux system services to get the current performance numbers, collects them, and uploads them to monibot. Then it waits five minutes. Then it starts over.

System boot

You'll probably want to start moni at system boot. For this, the easiest way is a @reboot crontab entry, for example:


@reboot    /home/user/monibot/moni sample $MACHINE_ID 5m &

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