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How to monitor the size of a directory

Use Monibot to monitor the size of a directory.

A data folder

For the purpose of this guide, let's say you have an application that stores data files in /opt/data. The data stored in that directory could be Postgres/MySQL database files, json files, or any other kind of persistent storage files.

To show the directory size, you would normally run the following command:

user@host:~$ du -s /opt/data
9095456    /opt/data

In the example above, the directory with all its files and subdirectories, occupies 9095456 kilobytes of disk space, that's ca. 9 gigabytes.

Create a Monibot metric

For monitoring numeric values, Monibot provides metrics. Let's create one:

  • Log into your Monibot account. If you don't have one, register now, it's free.
  • In the main menu, click 'Metrics'. You'll see a 'New Metric' button.
  • Click the 'New Metric' button. Enter a name for the metric, e.g. 'data size'. You can chose any name here, it's used only for display.
  • As metric type, select 'Gauge'. A gauge is a numeric value that can go up and down, which is what we want for our directory size.
  • Click 'Save'. Monibot creates the metric and assigns a unique ID to it, the metric ID. You will need that later.

Send metric values to Monibot

To send values for the 'data size' metric, you can use the curl command or our moni command line tool (see https://github.com/cvilsmeier/moni). We will describe the procedure using moni.

Create a 'datasize.sh' script with the following content:


# initialize api key and metric id - please replace with your values

# get directory size and store it in SIZE variable
SIZE=$(du -s /opt/data | cut -f1)

# use moni 'set' command to upload value to Monibot

Now invoke this script manually from the command line:

user@host:~$ ./datasize.sh

In Monibot, click the 'data size' metric. The chart should be updated and in the 'Values' tab, you should see the current directory size (you may have to reload the page once to see new values).

Now put the script in your crontab, so that it is executed automatically, e.g. every hour:

user@host:~$ crontab -l
# m h  dom mon dow   command
  0 *  *   *   *     /home/user/datasize.sh


In this guide we've described how to easily monitor the size of a data folder.

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